Cky-Ber Enterprises Inc
Our 820 Timbco Forwarder with a Stellar Hook-Lift and one of our Patent Pending Stackable Biomass Containers. These containers can be stacked for transport to increase efficiency. Furthermore, they are easily dumped from the forwarder platform or positioned on the ground for pick-up with the roll-off truck. When at ground level they can easily be loaded by hand or skid steers. Smaller equipment can be hauled within the container as well. They are heavier than regular chip vans but much more durable and flexible in use as many innovative combinations are possible. Being dumpable they are much simpler than live floors, but require more vertical clearance and a level dumping area.
We are a dealer for Nokka and we sold a 3966 grapple loader to Nathan Arno. He proceeded to develop a mount for his Unidirectional tractor and mounted it on the rear of the machine. Russ Clark welding did the heavy welding and you see the result above.
The machine has approximately 100 hp a is a very good small lot operation machine. It gets around well and has more abilities than one would think which was a pleasant surprise. Brakes are the limiting factor so we keep it on the flat. The loader is very fast on this machine and it's capacity is adequate for the small material.
Note that Nathan modified the grapple so that the teeth are open. This reduces the number of rocks fed into the chipper.
Nathan then added a PTO Bandit chipper on the units three point hitch PRESTO a portable chipper! Now we know that six strong young men can keep up feeding a chipper with this outfit TILL noon, and then they are left in the chips!
Operating on a BLM unit up the Blackfoot NE of Missoula, Montana. Works Great!
Here are the first bins we welded up. It took me 62 days about 4 hours per day to conceive and complete the design. Note that the wrinkle wall design gives strength lengthwise to the bin and allows stacking.
Location Russ Clark Welding, Florence, Montana.
The Stellar hook-lift loads the empty units effortlessly. The first built are 10 feet wide and a skid steer loader easily fits within and is almost a max load for this truck with the pictured comfiguration.
A large fire tank we built for our Timbco 820
Notice the slope on the back of the tank to allow steep slope operation.

This tank is heliocopter fillable and dippable.
Checking out the fire pump, hose reel, and two fill pumps.
A Grapple head on a skid steer. Moving brush for loading in the roll-off on a BLM project.