Cky-Ber Enterprises Inc
Could not find a restoration job in Montana. SO to survive we went on the road doing pipeline work.
Took Joey and Vanessa, Timbco forwarders, to Vya Nevada for this job. 
First question they asked before sending a contract was "do you have chains". Guess why they asked that?? This is a GOOD part of the road.
Steve on his D8T with 325 HP could not pull this rollagon, a REALLY big wagon loaded with a semi's load of stuff, up the road, so I pulled him. This was the first day and the boss said he had never seen a D8 pulled by anything. That helpful act secured our job.
First day I followed Andy Weldy driving  Vanessa up the access road. I was pulling my new boss in his nice Duramax chevy pickup. Couldn't see him back there, and he pushed too many buttons on my handheld radio and couldn't call to say STOP. Anyway after dragging him for four hours up this nice road his pickup got broke. Wouldn't go when I got on top and had to pull him back down that nite. Hauled the pickup off with a wrecker. 
It was 19 below zero when we started this morning. We were supposed to have labors help us unload but NOBODY, crew of 700, showed up. So Joey and Vanessa helped unload.
Hauled a lot of these tote bags full of all kinds of stuff.
Obsiden rock will flake of with the pressure of the ice cleats on our tracks. Makes a large dinner plate sized arrowhead that can hide in the mud and cut your tire. We became very expert at taking off and putting on tracks to repair flats. 19 completely RUINED tires on this job.
None of the pipe trucks could get up the road. They just pull in half when you tug on them. So they got Columbia Helicopters to haul the pipe in on this 22 mile section!! Bet this is how come gas went to 4 dollars the next year. Pipes 80 feet long 42 inches in diameter and weight between 17000 and 23000 pounds each.
Try this out!! 10 below and by hand. Changed EVERYONE by hand. This is called Busting you ass to get the job done.
Nice day but the tracks give out. Some new ones on a boat coming from Sweden.
Sideboom moving pipe after the helicopter dropped it on our pads. You CAN NOT even scratch the coating on this pipe. An inspector checks each pipe all over. First time the my buddy showed up with the chopper they had these portable potties on this little trailer for the crew. I told them that they needed to tie it down, but they said that they'd seen choppers on tv and it wasn't necessary. Potties and trailer cartwheeled out across the sagebrush. Wished I'd got a picture of that, but I was busy.
Had a 20 year snow event while we were here. About 8 inches of snow covered this 50 square mile area and this little creek, which you could step across normally, did a pretty good imitation of the Mississippi, and their 3 mat bridge got a bunch of ice against it which dammed up the draw causing a lake. Flew me across in a helicopter to get Joey and unplug it before 699 other folks could go to work. The video is really cool. They hired another Timbo forwarder and I worked for the boss after that.
This one is still drivable, but the company had 19 in the shop this day for transmission work. Had my Dodge in water up to the headlights a couple times. 
This is a common kind of mud hole just an everyday thing. On this stretch we installed more than 30,000 weed free straw bales and silt fence by the miles to keep all this muddy water on the access road. Also made filters to clean the water before it left the r/w. Huge effort here and surprisingly effective. These mud holes just sucked the life out of the pickups.
Pump all that dirty water in one of these babys and it comes out clean. Amazing. Keep me busy for a couple of months picking up all these hay bales and hauling them off. Everything had to be removed.
This friends is a really bad day.
Day I got lowered off this little hill we had a Cat D10 with a 2 inch line hooked to a Cat D8T with a 1 1/4 inch line hooked to another Cat D8T with a 1 1/4 inch line hooked to Joey via an orange unbreakable strap which broke. It was a hell of a ride down the whole way. God is Good as he helped me out.