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After studying the plans for 20 years, I finally got started on this W-10 Tailwind. Did a lot of redesign changing every tube and all the dimensions while adding other items. The notes cover most of the changes. Scratch building is very educational and a lot of fun. The test flight is serious however. Boots kissed me twice, before the first flight, and said  "Don't come back Dead".
This is the first roll out with the wings on. Exciting!!

First taxi over to Dusty's shop.

Ember trying the pilot seat out for size. She asked me if she could get a Tattoo. I expected something like a little foggie next to her belly button. OK.

Frame of N13XZ frontal view.
Motor mount on fuselage. LOTS of figuring here as there are no plans for an IO520.
Motor mount in progress. The IO520 changed everything plus I needed 24in of prop clearance for an 88 in Mac 401 so had to raise the gear 16 Inches. Just throw the plans away at this point, actually quite a while ago.
Wings are hanging waiting for the fuselage to get complete. Starting to get hard to move by myself. Motor CL is where I wanted it.
Wing construction
Changed every part to fit the mission. Wing tips turned out nice I think. Displaced hinge for the flaps.
Off to the airport 32S
This was a VERY exciting day.
Made the hanger and N13XZ is with her sisters.
Much slower working away from the shop, but she looks a lot more like an airplane with wings.
N13XZ goes to the Selway.
After phase 1 testing of 70+ flights, thought I'd try out my new wings. This is the first landing in a backcountry. Strip is 700 foot useable one way. YEEEEEHHAA. Bucket list item! FUN.

MY NOTES:                                                                         28 April 2016


N13XZ.   Modified W-10  Phase 1 test in progress.  First flight 26 Feb 2016


I bought the plans, #975, from Mr. Wittman in Sept 1993 which came as W8 with W10. I dreamed, studied, researched (Clement Mods, Stanton manual, Tailwind forum, Sport Aviation, NACA, Cafe), and planned until 15 July 2013. I modified N13XZ for my mission.

Many friends helped with important contributions, parts, ideas, suggestions, encouragement THANK YOU!,! Lynnet, my beautiful wife, arranged funding and suggestions on the cowl, steps, baggage, windows, and etc.

Final mission target is 200lb pilot/passenger/gas/baggage, 200mph cruise, TO/land 700 ft at 3640 ft msl 80* day.

I targeted 24"+ prop clearance 3pt and 12"+ level, changed every tubing size, and increased the fuselage length 12" while adding one bay to strengthen the tail area. I also increased the size of both the horizontal, vertical, and the rudder is 50% larger. Horizontal trims same as a C185.

Also bought Calbie Wood wing plans. To these I increased the span 6 feet, increased the thicknesses of all parts, added nose ribs in the fuel bay areas, built 26 gal fuel tanks per wing to supplement the 20 gal header tank, doubled the ribs in control areas, repositioned the strut attach point, built Wittman tips of aluminum, moved the controls for the ailerons closer to the rear spar, which increased the cord of the ailerons about 50%, and added fowler flaps which reflex up 3 degrees and deploy to 46 degrees. These flaps reduce the stall 15 mph ias. Control fittings are beefed up also.

The doors are Plexiglas covered and hinge up which I like very much. The door lever becomes my arm rest. The windshield is 1/4" Lexan. Brakes are double puck Cleveland with 6×6 tires.

I have built retractable wheel skis which I plan to test during phase 1.

So 2403 hrs later the 1557 lbs empty weight is heavy, but it includes a IO520D turning a 58 Mac 82 inch, and 18.3% MAC is 1896 lbs- that's me, 20 gal gas, and a fire extinguisher.

14 flights later at 32S I find that she goes up good 3640msl 35 degrees F TO 20 degrees flaps 2650 rpm 25 in takes 5-6 seconds is at <60 ias climb at 80 ias gives 1000 ft elevation agl at the end of the 3800 ft rw cht 320 which is good for starters . Stall full flaps idle power is 45 ias about the same as  gps, no flpas 60 ias, WOT 151 kts gps 7500msl 35 *F. 2200 rpm full flaps cht 280* level flight 40 ias 50 gps as long as you want.

She’s Noisy, Shakes, and has a Trilling climb. Searching for more speed, but I like her.


Craig E. Thomas

EAA102643  N13XZ  N4546F  Ckye Field, Montana.


Update 23 July 2016

Added modified Sportsman cuff to wing leading edge. At 1900# low power no stall mush all flaps setting WOT reduced 3-5 mph top 2382# stall 65ias flaps 0 stall 45 ias 46 degrees left wing drops. 46 degrees flaps at 20 in 2300 rpm 0-40 ias approximately 40 kts gps I can rotate from 45 degrees bank left or right or fly in a circle maintaining 6500msl very solid feeling. Landing approach 65ias results in a landing roll less than ½ before cuff touch down approximately 50 ias. Lands easier at 2382 than 1900. TO 1900 # 2.5-4 seconds climb similar at 80 ias.