Cky-Ber Enterprises Inc
These are not in order, but will give you an idea of the build. All dimensions vary from the plans, all tubing sizes different from plans.
Wing attach fitting 6061.
Displaced flaps. My design. A friend helped with the airfoil.
Fastest way to form the leading edges.
Made al tips. 0.025.
SO, I built this new tailwheel from some scrap material left over from the airframe. Works good so far.
A buddy took me skiing in the wilderness.
Started skies.
Using Alex's skies as a guide.
Beginning to look like it might fly.
A lot of work here.
Flap setup.
Making the axles fit.
Strut attach.
Drilling the wings as per Clement.
Turned the axle down and added more length for prop clearance. Targeted 24 in 3 pt-12in level.
Cowls are tough.  
Cabin heater tubing bit me. Clement type right off the main exhaust.
Header tank 20 gal.
Took a couple hours to figure this out so I ended up with proper prop clearance and an eight foot stance. Extended the short gear with longer heavier tubing in this area.