Cky-Ber Enterprises Inc
Nokka loader mounted on the back of a trailer. We prefer to mount the loader at this station as it is farther from the truck and closer to the work. It will more than double your reach mounted in this position, and the tow vehicle is less likely to be damaged if the operator makes an error or a hydraulic line breaks.
This unit is totally self contained and the tow vehicle can be used elsewhere and the loader can still sort and load logs for this operators sawmill. Very handy and this unit is in daily operation.
We tried other brands but have found the Nokka to be very durable, and it has become our choice.
Our Roll-off bins mounted on a Stellar Hook-Lift.

How To Order

 Snail mail:

 Craig E. Thomas
 4189 Ember Lane
 Stevensville, Montana 59870

WE have a patent pending for these stackable roll-off bins. They work very nicely. See: for other pictures and applications

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These roll-off bins are the future for biomass transportation in the WUI.