Cky-Ber Enterprises Inc
A lot of work for a couple of bugs.
Making another snag. Snags are an important part of the forest, but many are confused that pure numbers are what is needed. The quality of each snag is more important, so few good ones are a better target.
Many raptors have shared my operation site. They are fearless after a few hours. I swear that they enjoy watching the machinery. Goshawks, eagles, and hawks have shared my sites. Some of the young have returned to watch us like we are the entertainment.
Looks like these deer are really scared of N13XZ.
My old horse Lighting. Three jumps to wide open throttle.
It's rut time and the girls got this guy so messed up he didn't even look at me.
Went to Alaska in 89 with Tony. He got this picture of me sneaking up on this sleeping bo. Boy, did she get up fast. Fun!
Probably seen the photo of the elk in the Bitterroot river during the fires of 2000. Well, they cross the river there frequently as you can see here.
This fellow and his buddy were using our trail as a highway. Animals frequently come to check out what is going on at a logging operation.