Cky-Ber Enterprises Inc

Craig E. Thomas was raised on a farm and proceeds of their beef operation went to defer the cost of college at the University of Montana at Missoula. As an Alumni of the Forestry class of 71, Craig has returned to the U of M to award the Gates scholarship which he helped found in memory of a fellow Forester.

                Craig began his forestry career while in school with Tree Farmers of Missoula as a Sawyer and Cat skinner, and has worked in most aspects of field forestry such as timber marking, cruising, sale layout, surveying, logging Foreman, Logging Supervisor, etc. While scaling and later as a Mill Processor Foreman, Craig developed a log quality program for Champion International that has become the standard for the forest products industry in the NW. This program significantly increased the utilization of forest products and standardized the manufacture of logs. Craig has founded a consulting firm specializing in forest restoration and remains as vice president.

                Currently employed by CET Technologies of Florence, Montana, Craig is continuing to advance the utilization of forest products. Present operations include inwoods grinding and transportation systems. A collaborative report, by Professor Beth Dodson at the U of M, on a USFS experimental biomass operation completed in the summer of 2008 will be available May 2009.

                His first Book “Just the Tip Regurgitations of a Montana Woodsman” is available from Craig E. Thomas, 4189 Ember Lane, Stevensville, Montana 59870 for $25.00 including S&H. It explains his passion for and experiences in forestry activities.

                Craig continues to run his consulting business, as well as, operates an experimental Timbco forwarder/processor/roll-off for his son’s business.

                In his “spare time” Craig attends government meetings and enjoys, hunting, camping, and flying in the NW USA.

We were building bird trees when the mountain bufferfy floated past.
ckyber= the first thee letters of our son's name and the last three letters of our daughter's name

We love the forest, water and dirt. TREES ARE THE ANSWER!

At work one day this rainbow showed up.