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Long Forestry Career, Life-Threatening Accident, Aftermath Inspire New Book "Regurgitations of a Montana Woodsman" by Stevensville, Montana author Craig E. Thomas

Built the axe with my friend Russ Gates at the old BFPA shop while we were competing in chopping contests(about 75). Cut the blade of a forester axe at the eye and welded on a 1/2 inch thick piece of A2 steel. Then I shipped it, off with others we made, to Utah and had it tempered in a furnace. Ground the final shape before it was tempered. The handle came from a Hickory tree off the back forty of our farm in Illinois. Shaped it with a drawknife and rasp.
The spring board in my left hand has a shoe cut from a saw blade from a Bonner processor cutoff saw(84 inch diameter). Pounded the cup to shape with a 3 pound hammer after heating it cherry red with my torch.
Russ and I split the Spruce board from the rine of a cull log and shaped it with an axe and draw knife.
This turned out to be my best axe. Fastest time for two boards and a 11 inch block was 1 minute and 14 seconds. Fun stuff.

How To Order

 Snail mail:

 Craig E. Thomas
 4189 Ember Lane
 Stevensville, Montana 59870


$25.00 includes shipping and handling in the US.


Hi Craig


Thanks for your book. I have not laughed so hard in my life while reading a book. I remember you telling me about those knotheads on the fires of 2000. Attached is a check for 100 dollars Please send me four more books. I am going to send them to Steve Sullivan and other friends I know will enjoy it as much as I did. You are one hell of a tough guy! I can only imagine what you went through after the accident. How about another book? As your cover says, I'm sure this is "just the tip" of the iceberg of many other great stories.


Happy Trails,


Pete DeWit

 PS Congratulations on your award from UM!

Hi Craig:  

I finished reading your book over the weekend.  I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I found it very informative concerning just what a forester is and what he does. In no way was the book boring and is a great read for anyone.  Probably more interesting to me because you were a product of Pinckneyville High School! Back in 1966, who would have ever thought we would be reading a book written by you?  Also, I agree with Jackie - Boots is an angel! 


Gayla Neville Hammel

Reader Comments:

"I laughed so hard I almost fell from my recliner"  Steve Kauffman Stevensville, Montana Rancher

"I've only read up to chapter 10 so far but there are stories that have made me laugh out loud.. I MEAN REALLY LAUGH OUT LOUD!     Bev Yelczyn Forest Siliviculturist USFS

"I have just finished reading your book. I enjoyed it very much start to finish. I can relate to many of the things you write about, and share your frustration with how many things are handled in the forestry world."   Steven Bick Phd, ACF, CF

"Read part of your book last nite and found it very interesting. Please send a copy to my friend"    Dave Whitesitt  Forester



Great website! 


Here’s a quote for you:


“”Regurgitations’ is full of entertaining and inspiring stories - - told in such a way that you can practically hear Craig’s voice in each sentence.  It is also full of valuable insights into the massive problems that currently confront federal forest management.  Never one to complain about a problem, instead Craig proposes real-world solutions gained from his life in the woods.”   


Rick Goeken

Partner, Saltman & Stevens, P.C.



Who would have thought a housewife from Illinois would enjoy the adventures of a woodsman from Montana?  My husband needs to read your book now to understand why I laughed so much while reading it.  


There were times I felt I was right there in the Cornbinder flying down a mountain road, and then I would realize I was holding my breath.


You are one tough guy and Boots is an angel.


Jackie Weatherford


Nancy and I thoroughly enjoyed your book. I read it straight through one night, and she much the same.
Interesting regurgitations. I plan to read the book again in a couple of weeks.
Couldn't help but think about the long line stokes litter rescue that you managed over on the Gallatin when we first started that job. I am still telling everyone about that rescue which I think was a classic for many reasons. Planning, training, having the equipment on hand, and moving quickly to implement the plan. After talking with that rescued sawyer when we were on Nine Mile, I am convinced that helicopter snatch out of that icy creek saved his life.
Enclosed is a check for two more books. Would you please send them to my friends.

Steve S.

"It's 11:06 and I've still got LOTS to do- and it's all YOUR fault.....Man, WHAT an example of TRUE GRIT - and GOD's CARE........I've just read the chapter about your accident... and Paul's the READER in this family - NOT me. You certainly have LOTS for which to be THANKFUL!! Our Congrads to you - even after your visit and some actual stories==little did we "know" about the year we didn't hear from you at Christmas. JAP

"Regurgitations"... is a must read!......Craig Thomas's unique experiences show humor, human side of life and insight to logging and forestry and from dangerous hard work to  management of forest fires. His recovery and recount of his accident is a tribute to his meeting the challenges of life with a "don't  quit outlook"....Looking forward to his next book!....


Dusty S.

Stevensville, MT

Craig, I read your book as soon as I got it from you and enjoyed every chapter.  It is an easy read and is probably more appreciated by foresters and others that have worked in the woods, but it can be enjoyed by anyone.  I think your comments regarding the Forest Service and some employees are based on your experiences.  I was an employee for 32 years and, while working, I couldn't understand why folks like you felt the way you did about us.  Since I have been retired for 12 years I have a much better understanding of your views as I am on the "outside" looking in.  I think your book should be a must read for "line officers", contracting officers and others working on projects in the forests.  Thanks for taking the time to write your book.


Sonny LaSalle

Retired Forest Supervisor

Mom (VP's wife) and I both enjoyed your book immensely. You haven't lost your legendary touch with a good yarn.

Here's a quote:

Craig Thomas tells a Hell of a story in his book, because he’s lived a Hell of an interesting life. Never one to deny a great story all the honor it deserves, Craig Thomas’s book is one that should be read by anyone who wants to understand what a life of forest stewardship is really about.


Steve Corrick, editor

Former Champion employee

Son of a certain Vice President.